Why Athletes Are Turning to CBD for Workout Recovery and Relief from Inflammation

In the moment it feels great to achieve that new personal best, reach the top of that long sought-after summit, or finally hit that difficult yoga pose. But in the morning, when getting out of bed sets up a cascade of soreness? Not so much.

Athletes of all kinds typically turn to ibuprofen and other pharmaceuticals to relieve soreness and help them recover, but a new possible remedy for inflammation and potential workout recovery booster is emerging - CBD.

When taken regularly, and particularly when coupled with the Pain Relief potential of CBD, studies are increasingly showing that CBD holds promise as an anti-inflammatory supplement. And with a recent World Health Organization report showing no public health risk for CBD or potential for abuse, both athletes and those suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis are exploring it as a replacement for stronger pharmaceuticals and opiods.

CBD Workout Recovery Inflammation

“[CBD is] the only thing I use now. I try not to oversell it...but if you can stop taking other pain medications, if you have a natural solution, that’s probably the better option.” - Floyd Landis, former Tour de France cyclist, Outside interview

In particular, Lucent Botanicals takes the potential of pure CBD and adds the terpene Humulene, which has its own anti-inflammatory properties, along with other natural ingredients. Together, these ingredients form a proprietary CBD blend that’s specifically targeted at getting athletes (and anyone suffering from inflammation) back in action and chasing their next personal best.

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