Natural Pain Management Approaches to Help You Live Your Best Life

Pain is a blocker. It blocks us from our favorite activities, from being able to fully live in the moment, and from simply being comfortable in our own bodies. And so relief from that pain is ultimately about removing that blocker so you can complete that long hike you’ve had your eye on, or even simply spend a quiet Sunday morning able to concentrate on a favorite book.

Unfortunately, a life with less pain is a challenge for millions. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, approximately 23.4 million adults in the U.S. experience a lot of pain over, while 126 million adults reported experiencing pain significant to diminish their participation in favored activities.

Particularly in light of the opiate crisis, many of those people are turning towards forms of pain relief that were once considered “alternative” but are now routinely recommended by doctors who recognize that truly relieving pain is a holistic endeavor.

With that in mind, we both polled our community and combed through some of the leading research and recommendations for three leading strategies that can help you unblock pain from your life.

Mediation: Meditation is the opposite of a quick solution, but can provide the foundation for lasting relief and management. When practiced regularly, meditation puts you closer in touch with your body, enabling you to more accurately identify and then treat pain; is the pain hot? Dull? Does it have a specific origination? And breathing techniques will empower you to be able to get through pain episodes with less stress.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is now routinely recommended by doctors, particularly in regards to joint pain. "I think there's good scientific evidence for acupuncture and I prescribe it," said F. Michael Ferrante, MD, director of the UCLA Pain Management Center in Los Angeles. Studies attempting to discover more precisely how acupuncture work are underway - it’s unclear if acupuncture helps block relieving compounds in the body or helps block pain receptors, but a consensus is emerging that acupuncture is a no-risk and potentially effective means of treating pain.

CBD: Cannabis is a FDA-approved means of pain relief, and CBD - which is derived from cannabis but doesn’t contain any of the THC that gets you “high” - can similarly help activate your body’s natural pain relief mechanisms. In addition, Lucent Botanicals CBD blend uniquely contains the compounds myrcene and humelene, natural compounds that also exhibit pain relief potential, plus herbs such as turmeric.

Remember, relieving pain itself - especially for those with chronic, severe pain - is a priority, but the simple truth is, a life with no pain just isn’t realistic. Even the healthiest among us will experience the occasional headache or sprained ankle, and true health is about managing and treating that pain in a way that doesn’t knock you out but that empowers you to go out and live your best life.

And as always, be sure to talk to your medical provider before beginning any new pain relief solution.

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