Lucent Botanicals’ Benefits

Lucent’s CBD products are tailored to activate your body’s powers, empowering you to feel better naturally.

Always in Control

Unlike THC, the chemical in cannabis that produces a “high,” CBD is completely non-psychoactive. Instead, CBD activates your body’s natural healing systems, leaving you in full control of your experience. 

Precise & Targeted

Each Lucent mint is specifically designed and blended to provide a highly targeted effect. Precise doses allow you calibrate the strength of the effect you’re looking for. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fast Acting

Because they’re absorbed in your mouth, not your digestive system, most people report feeling effects within 5-20 minutes of consumption. This immediacy allows you to more accurately define your ideal dosage and feel the effects you’re looking for faster. 


Lucent leverages the culinary expertise of elite chefs with decades of experience to create mints that taste simple, clean and subtly delicious; never oily and tasting “like weed.” 

Discreet & Convenient

Our small containers are as mobile as you are, and as lowkey as you want to be. No smoke, no liquid droppers, just put them in your pocket or backpack and then pop a mint whenever you’d like. 

Good Ingredients Only

Lucent sources only the best ingredients. We only use natural, organic herbs and terpenes - which are in the same family as the essential oils used for aromatherapy - to help ensure your wellness on every level.