The Best CBD Valentine’s Day Gift is Lucent Botanicals

Chocolates melt, flowers wilt, but wellness is the gift that keeps giving.

This Valentine’s Day, let the special someone in your life know you truly care by giving them Lucent Botanicals. Whether they’re newly interested in CBD and want to give it a try for the first time, or a seasoned CBD consumer looking to elevate their experience, our mints are the perfect way to give the gift of wellness this Valentines Day.

Different CBD Strokes for Different Folks

Love comes in many flavors, and so do our targeted mints. You might need some Calm to soothe your nerves before popping the big question, or Energy to fuel an all-night session. Focus to help you immerse yourself in on every sensation, and then Sleep to help you come down from the buzz of an epic date night. And Inflammation Relief? We’ll leave that to your imagination.

Whoever you are, and whatever your Valentine’s Day plans, we’ve got a mint specifically designed to help address a wide-range of needs.

Kiss Swampy Oils Goodbye

No one enjoys holding oil in their mouth, and nothing kills the mood faster than kissing someone whose mouth tastes like a swamp. That’s why we make mints that taste clean and subtly delicious, never slimy or oily.

Pure & Potent

You care about your body (and your partner’s body), and so do we. That’s why every mint is guaranteed lab-tested to ensure that our products are pesticide free, pure, and even more potent than you’re burning love.

So this year, spice up your Valentine’s Day with a unique gift that’s guaranteed to get CBD-lovers’ hearts humming. And don’t be shy about treating yourself in the process - after all, your love life can only as good as the love show yourself.

Speaking of treating yourself, we've created a special Valentine's Day discount code. Just click on this link, shop the products you want, and the code 2019VAL10 will be automatically applied at checkout to give you 10% off your entire order, good through February 14. 

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