How CBD Can Give You an Energy Boost Without the Crash

Standing triumphant on that next peak during your weekly Sunday hike - or turning around early.

Making it through that long afternoon meeting feeling actively involved - or fighting to keep your head upright.

Going out with friends to that party you’d been looking forward to - or succumbing to the couch.

We all need that occasional extra boost to help accomplish our goals, or even just make it through the workday, and for many that boost comes in the form of caffeinated drinks. Sixty-four percent of Americans regularly drink at least one cup of coffee a day, with the average coffee drinker sipping on 3.2 cups a day. And then there’s the more than 29 billion gallons of energy drinks consumed by Americans every year - that’s almost 50,000 Olympic size swimming pools worth of energy drink tossed back each year.

That’s a lot of caffeine - so we why do people still feeling so listless?

Part of the answer lies in the caffeine rollercoaster so many are trapped on. Relying on energy drinks to fuel your day-to-day life means living through a constant loop of spikes and crashes in which the problem (too much caffeine) also becomes the solution (more caffeine).

The solution isn’t necessarily to stop caffeine entirely. Sometimes that big rush of sudden energy is just flatout necessary, and we’re certainly not about to give up our beloved delicious cold brews. Instead, but to find more balanced, sustainable ways of tapping into energy sources that help you be alert all day, not just for a moment.

First and foremost, there’s just no substitute for a good night’s sleep and a balanced diet. Sleep and nutritious food are credits that your body can spend on energetic pursuits, and without those credits any external source of energy is only delaying an inevitable bankruptcy.

Second, consider turning to CBD for that energy boost. Studies are increasingly discovering the potential of CBD as a “wake-inducing” agent, and because CBD works to activate your body’s natural systems, for many that feeling of increased wakefulness is more of a subtle rise and fall than a spike and crash. After all, you don’t want to be shaking with energy for your favorite yoga class, and you don’t want to be nodding off either.

As we’ve written about previously, the true promise of CBD lies in its versatility. People are increasingly using it to both help calm anxiety and energize themselves, and we believe the key lies in the specific formulation. That’s why in addition to CBD isolate, Lucent’s targeted formula for our Energy mints also include natural ginseng and green tea and, most importantly, the terpenes α Pinene and β Pinene, which are also being studied for their potential ability to increase alertness.

We’ve found that this blend of CBD, terpenes and other natural ingredients gives us the energy boost we need without any of the jitters or crashes of the caffeine rollercoaster. It’s just one more way we’re working to help you achieve a balanced, active life - now get out there and go.

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