CBD to Help You Live Your Best Life, The Lucent Botanicals Mission

It’s no secret that CBD is exploding in popularity, and for good reason. Thousands of people are discovering that because CBD interacts with your body’s natural regulation system, it has the potential to improve health in a broad range of applications, from chronic disorders to helping reduce stress so you can feel more calm and focused on the moment.

We believe that the next step in the evolution of CBD supplements lies in combining CBD with terpenes to produce specific, targeted effects. For example, a 2011 study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that, when combined with CBD, the terpene myrcene could help decrease inflammation and reduce pain.

To that end, the Lucent Botanicals team has been hard at work developing proprietary blends of CBD, organic terpenes and natural ingredients aimed at addressing a full range of wellness needs. Now, we’re proud to produce a line-up of products that enable consumers to find the perfect CBD product for them, whether it’s Energy to help them have the sustained energy needed to tackle their next big adventure, or Calm to help reduce stress so they can feel more calm and focused on the moment.

Mood Lift
Inflammation Relief
Pain Relief


  • Calm: CBD combined with the terpenes Myrcene (relax), Linalool (reduce anxiety), Nerolidol (sedating), and Terpinolene (sedating and anti-oxidizing).
  • Sleep: CBD combined with the terpenes Myrcene (relax), Terpineol (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory), and Terpinolene (sedating and antioxidating).
  • Focus: CBD combined with the terpenes α Pinene (energy) and β Caryophyllene (neuroprotective)
  • Energy: CBD combined with the terpenes α Pinene (energy) and β Pinene (mental focus)
  • Mood Lift: CBD combined with the terpenes β Caryophyllene (anti-anxiety) and Limonene (anti-anxiety)
  • Inflammation Relief: CBD combined with the terpenes Humulene (anti-inflammatory), Nerolidol (relax), ẟ 3 Carene (anti-inflammatory), Geraniol (anti-inflammatory), and Eugenol (antioxidant).
  • Pain Relief: CBD combined with the terpenes Myrcene (relax), Humulene (anti-inflammatory), β Caryophyllene (anti-anxiety), and Eucalyptol (anti-inflammatory)

What all of these unique blends have in common is that they work to activate your body’s existing systems and abilities, enabling you to be your best self and more fully live the life you envision. With that holistic view of your wellness in mind, we’re dedicated to putting your wellness first in every facet of making and serving our CBD mints.  

  • Always in Control: CBD activates your body’s natural healing systems, leaving you in full control of your experience.
  • Precise Doses: Making mints with precise 10mg doses allows you to easily and accurately adjust your dosage up or down to find the perfect CBD dose for you.
  • Fast Acting: Because the mints are absorbed in your mouth, the CBD and terpenes can begin to take effect more quickly than with CBD that’s absorbed through your digestive system. This allows you to more accurately define your ideal dosage and feel the effects you’re looking for faster.
  • Good Ingredients Only: Lucent only uses natural, organic herbs and terpenes - which are in the same family as the essential oils used for aromatherapy - to create mints that taste simple, clean and subtly delicious; never oily and tasting “like weed.”
  • Convenient: Our small containers are as mobile as you are, and as lowkey as you want to be. No smoke, no liquid droppers, just put them in your pocket or backpack and then pop a mint whenever you’d like.

We’ve seen firsthand during product testing how CBD can help improve both physical and mental health, we’re closely watching all the latest studies and continuously improving our formulations, and we’re grateful to have the opportunity to serve you.

LucentBotanicals.com features our full range or products available for direct purchase at $29.99 for a box of 40 mints, or $199.99 for the full collection of all seven types. Visit our blog to learn more about CBD and your health, and contact us anytime with questions and feedback.

Thank you,
The Lucent Botanicals team

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