Give the Gift of CBD Wellness This Holiday Season

Holiday-themes socks are both stylish and practical, and who could say no to your great aunt’s fruitcake recipe? Sounds like you’re already set on the gift-giving front, but if you’ve still got a couple names to check off your list, give the gift of wellness this holiday season with Lucent Botanicals CBD mints.

Lucent Botanicals stands out among the CBD crowd because our mints offer a tastier alternative to oils, and each mint is 10mg, making finding the perfect dose for you easy. And most importantly, our proprietary blends of CBD and terpenes - like the terpene myrecene, for example, which has been shown to induce a feeling of calm and sleepiness - enable us to make a wide-range of products with specific targeted effects.

Calm: For finding a sense of peace even in a crowded mall.
Sleep: For waking up rested and refreshed after watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.
Pain Relief: For easing that headache so you can focus on your kids’ faces when they open that big present.
Inflammation Relief: For getting back on the slopes after a long day of high-altitude snowboarding.
Focus: For finally knocking out that big pile of thank you cards.
Energy: For hitting the gym and getting started on that new resolution.   
Mood Lift: For a boost of spirit even in the dimmer months.  

Whoever’s on your last, whatever the situation, there’s a Lucent mint for every wellness buff in your life, including yourself. And as our gift to you, we’ve created a special holiday discount code. Just click on this link, shop for the products you want, and the code 10HOLIDAY18 will be applied automatically at checkout to give you 10% off your entire order, good through January 2, 2019.
In the truest spirit of the season, we pledge that we’ll make empowering you to live your best life with CBD our year-round mission. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Wishing you and yours a joyous season,
The Lucent Botanicals Team

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